Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An old topic that needs some attention to save $ now.

I don't know if anyone else ever noticed it or if they did if they even cared, but here is some info on NCC water/sewer costs, it is the same thing I have been bringing up for years and it is time things changed and our dues signifigantly reduced.

'Old Timers' at NCC might recall that when we first purchased here we were all billed seperately for our water/sewer, this was done monthly by a 3rd class outfit called American Utility Management (AUM)
http://aumsucks.blogspot.com. They did an extremely BAD job, billing people for water never used and they were finally fired 3 1/2 yrs ago.

Concord decided, probably with the approval of the developer controlled Board of Directors, that rather than doing the logical thing and finding a replacement billing firm, they would just increase the dues from the then $556 monthly to $675 so as to pay for the water/sewer charges and there would be no more individual billings.

Now we all pay the same for water, no matter how much or little you use.   (ie:  150% more than we should be paying)

Here is some math for you to consider: water/sewer is budgeted for 2012 at $91,584, that is what we expect to pay the City of PCB. The difference between the 'old' dues and the 'new' dues for the 168 condos is $239,904. So there is an additional $148,320 over and above the water/sewer whose actual costs will be $91,584.

I have always said that we should never have dropped the individual billing, we should just have signed up with another utility billing firm immediately. So now each unit is paying $880 yearly, over and above the actual costs of water/sewer.

If we go back to individual unit billing we ALL save, plus it isn't fair for a unit occupied by one person to pay the same as a unit occupied by 8 people.   3 1/2 years ago Concord made a major mistake in not finding a replacement utility billing firm when AUM was fired.  They were just to lazy to bother, it was easier just to raise the monthly dues. 

All our units still have the water meters and I know from inquiries that another company can come in and use these meters with 'no start up costs' to the condo.  Isn't it now time to correct this error? And of course it long past time to get rid of Concord.   Further info at:  http://tinyurl.com/6nam65z

If you would like to know why we don't return to individual billing you might ask the BOD, perhaps they will reply to you, they have stopped answering any emails from me. 

Contact:  babs.simmons@att.net, edeetroncale@yahoo.com, nknight@ndkconstsvcs.com