Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unofficial Minutes of the 1/14/12 AGM/BOD meetings now available:

Click on this direct link to see the unofficial minutes for the 1/14/12 meetings:
At the same link you can view condo documents as far back as 2006.
Meeting Summary:
The voting totals for BOD candidates were:
Simmons, Barbara - 22
Troncale, Edee - 17
DiGiacomo, Len - 12
Sexton, Theo - 9
Clayton, Pamela - 2
Webber, Jaime - 1

19 units attended:
104 R Jones, 107 Holloway, 202 Hallaway, 207 Stoll, 503 Davis, 514 Vanderwerff, 604 Covington, 608 Morgan, 616 DiGiacomo, 703 White, 704 Perry, 708 Harris, 709 P Jones, 710 Covington, 712 Hooks, 801 Webber, 802 Simmons, 1401 Rowland, 1404 Sexton.

The dates for future BOD meetings were set at:
April 7, July 14, Oct. 13 and Jan. 12, 2013 - for the Annual General meeting with BOD meeting to follow.

The major areas covered at the meetings were: 
Gate repairs, Individual Water Billing, Pool complaints, Knowlogy TV and Delinquency Foreclosures.

For those looking in from out of town additional 20 photos have been added to:

New BOD Email addresses FYI:
Barbara Simmons (Owner #802) is BOD President
Edee Troncale (Owner #102) is BOD VP
Norman Knight, Developer Appointed, Secty/Treasurer

My Comments:  You will note that the 2 candidates who put out information about themselves in a Candidate Information Sheet got the most votes and won, those 3 who chose not to this did not do so well.  As a historical note the most votes cast for anyone seeking office was tied by Mrs. Simmons at 22, and 63 votes were cast in total for the 2 openings, Jennifer Jones (#206) in the Dec 8, 2007 election also had 22 votes of 39 cast for only 1 opening.