Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turnover Election Results 12/20/10
Jennifer Jones (#206), 16 votes
David Turner (#105), 5 votes
None of the above: 1

L. DiGiacomo (#616) is BOD President
J. Jones, is BOD VP
N. Knight, Secty/Treasurer
(the only remaining Developer appointed Director)

From the archives:  The only prior contested election in 2007 had 39 votes cast, Jennifer Jones won with 22, L. DiGiacomo 2nd with 11 and Rodney Smith had 6, the 2 other candidates had 0.  Ms. Jones served for about 5 months and resigned due to the lack of co-operation received from the 2 Developer Directors, L. DiGiacomo assumed the seat and the next 2 elections he was retained as no one ran against him.