Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#716 Sold for $84,000

#716, the last of the old Waterstone Resort Realty, 3/2 condos in the 7 building sold 9/9/10 for $84,000 to Jerry R. and Pamela J. Clayton of Lynn Haven, Fla. Waterstone owned 4 condos but all were foreclosed by Compass Bank of Birmingham. Compass purchased all 4 at foreclosure sales for $51,000 each and listed them with realtors for resale.

#502, the old James Murphee, 2/2 condo now belongs to AMTRUST BANK of Cleveland, OH, as of 08-31-2010.  The condo was originally sold 7-23-2007 for $160,000 and AmTurst paid $50,100 on 8/31/10.  It will shortly join the ranks of foreclosures for sale at knock down prices.
7 units have sold so far in 2010, all foreclosures or short sales, no individual has been able to sell their condo due to the very low asking prices of the banks who want to move their distressed units.

The 2010 new owners are:
Unit  -  Owner  -  Pur. Date  -  $ Amt. Paid
#305  KEVIN G. RILEY 04-07-2010 - $110,500  2ND FLOOR 4BR/3BA
#512  MARK F. STITT 07-08-2010 - $69,900  2ND FLOOR 2BR/2BA
#606  JOHN R. GUOTH 05-06-2010 - $77,000  1st FLOOR 3BR/2BA
#710  WILLIAM R. COVINGTON 06-17-2010 - $89,000  2ND FLOOR 3BR/2BA
#712  HOOKS 03-08-2010 - $94,000 2ND FLOOR  3BR/2BA
#714  RANDALL G. WRIGHT 05-17-2010 - $89,000  2ND FLOOR 3BR/2BA
#716  JERRY R. CLAYTON 09-09-2010 - $84,000  2ND FLOOR 3BR/2BA
Want to find out who owns condos here?

Go to the Bay County Property Appraiser site at this click on link: http://qpublic.net/bay/index-search.html click on 'search records' then from the menu select: 'Search by Location Address' type into the white box "13700" and this will bring up 3 pages of info on owners of various units at NCC, including an option to 'print labels'.

Before leaving the site you should go back to the above mentioned 'white box' and type in: 'Cape Cod Dr' which brings up 12 other listed condos, after that go back to the white box again and type in 'Lighthouse Rd' for another 4. Clearly this isn't that user friendly a site and it is easy to overlook some condos.

You can find out the entire history of unit sales, what was paid, when and there is a link to taxes also.  You might note that the 'mailing address' of the condo owner may be an address other than the condos and now and then even different than the listing in the NCC owners lists.