Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 1st Quarter Newsletter FYI:

The first quarter newsletter is reproduced here FYI. Some have read it already but there are those who are not owners who look in here and would like to be kept informed of what is going on at the complex. So here it is for your reading pleasure.

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One item worth note is information on the often broken gates. At least they are again opening and closing, so we should be grateful for this small miracle. The gates are an important part of the complex for several reasons, one is that we bought here (& many rent here) on the basis that this is a secure complex with limited access. All to often this is not the case and there is currently in the Bay County court a civil suit due to these gates being inoperable for a considerable time and not fixed in a timely manner.

Two expensive motorcycles were stolen here one night and when the owners complained they got no satisfaction from the management firm or the BOD. They were just told it wasn't 'their problem' (ie: the management firm and BODs). So a civil action was started by these 2 owners and it is ongoing. (for details see:
A bit of cooperation at the outset would probably have averted this suit. The gates must be kept in working condition and when broken they must be fixed a.s.a.p.