Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here is how the 2007 Annual Owners Meeting went:

Here is how the 2007 Annual Owners Meeting went:

DATE: December 8, 2007

City of Panama City Beach Senior Center at 423 Lyndell Lane, Panama City Beach, FL 32413.

Association Manager Ross Pritchett called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.

Holloway-unit # 107, Miller- unit # 207, Smith – unit # 210, Casiano – unit #302, Smith- unit #306, Cahours- unit # 307, Thomas – unit # 401, Hargaray – unit # 407, Davis – unit #503, Lewis – unit # 504, Vanderwerff – unit # 514, Morgan – unit # 608, DigiaComo & Centeno – unit #616, Jarrett – unit #701, White – unit #703, Jones – unit # 709, Ankoviak – unit # 711, Sims – unit # 715, Holmes – unit # 801, Aldrich – unit # 806, Wilhite – unit # 1605, Mullins – unit # 1608, and the Developers were present for sixty one units.

Jones – unit # 104, Davis – unit # 106, Hamre – units # 203, Staggs – unit # 408, Breithhaupt– unit # 501 & #603, Murphree – unit # 502, Grass – unit # 506, Spence – unit # 510, McRitchie – unit # 513, Munyon – unit # 516, Wilson – unit # 606, Ussery – unit # 702, Miles – unit # 803, Simmons – unit #1601.

Eighty three units were represented by owners at the meeting and fifteen units were represented by proxy. A quorum was established with ninety eight out of one hundred sixty eight units being represented at the meeting.

Ross Pritchett and Samantha Jarrett –Seagrove On The Beach Property Management – Association managers, Ron Jones, Pelican Real Estate Broker, Dean Price and Jim Klohn who are the Developers and members of the Board of Directors

Affidavits for the first notice and second notice were presented at the meeting and are filed as part of the official record. Notice was posted at the property as required.

The Nautilus Cove Homeowners are here to elect one of the homeowners to become a member of the Board of Directors.

Ross Pritchett opened with explaining to the owners that the Association documents require that any owner that rents their unit is required to supply the Association with a copy of the lease. The owner can black out the amount charged. Also he reminded the owners that by law the Association requires a copy of a key to every unit. Ross then went on to explain why the Association is not heating the pool. He told them that it was up to the Board of Directors to determine whether or not the pool would be heated.
He also told them about the October test run on heating the pool and the bill was a little over $1,800.00. Finally, he reminded them about the official owners’ website that they can visit to see the financials, and to post comments.

Thirty nine ballots were cast in the 2007 Board member election. Len DiGiacomo received eleven (11) votes, Jaime Holmes received zero (0) votes, Jennifer Jones received twenty two (22) votes, Joshua Simmons received zero (0) votes and Rodney Smith received six (6) votes. Jennifer Jones was elected to the board.

Ross Pritchett discussed the financial situation of the Association and mentioned that financial information is posted on the web site. In addition to the Operating and Deposit Accounts the Association now has beginning in January 2008 there will be an account for Reserves. He explained that the assessments for 2008 will remain at $537 per quarter ($179.00 per month).

Comments Made:What is the projected time of turnover to the homeowners and how many have been sold? Everyone was updated about the cable situation. The water bill was explained to everyone and why the bill went to a fixed rate for everyone. The gate issue was discussed and everyone was told that we were having warranty problems and that’s why it has not been fixed.

Someone suggested we need more security around the pool area. Maybe pool tags could be given to the owners or renters to wear while at the pool. The pool should be locked at all times to protect the Association.

Ross Pritchett explained the rules for the pool deck area and that glass on the pool deck or while you’re in the pool is a violation of Florida Statutes and could result in the pool being closed by the Health Department. There was and inquiry about the time the gates open and close. Response made was that the gates open at 5:30 am and close at 5:30 pm. There was a comment made on the clutter that many of the units have on their front entryways.

The letter process for violations should be modified. Tom Webber who is the courtesy officer of Nautilus Cove explained to everyone what he was hired to do and if there is a problem on the premises, they should call him. An owner asked how many time the garbage cans and the pet stations were emptied a week. Also the landscapers need to be contacted about the preserved islands because they need some cleaning up.

There was a question about units being used as a dormitory. “Is Pelican Real Estate paying rent?” was asked. Ross Pritchett discussed possibly getting a fountain installed in the retention pond to help with mosquitoes and to help the appearance of that pond. Someone asked what the process for renters to live here was and if the owners were doing background checks on these people. It is the owners’ responsibility to check who they are renting to.

Tom Webber also commented about the kids being left unsupervised.
Someone asked, “what was the purpose of the black panels on the sides of the buildings”? We discussed plumbing problems in a unit. There were a few questions and comments made about the budget. Why was the insurance so much less than last year? Explain the taxes and licenses in the budget.

Someone asked about the management fee and how it was figured.
The next annual meeting has not yet been determined.

After a motion to adjourn and seconded, meeting adjourned at 11:26 a.m.

Submitted by:
Samantha Jarrett
Association manager